Incredible Mini Travel Pocket Umbrella✔🌂

Mini Travel Pocket Umbrella✔🌂 -

Incredible Mini Travel Pocket Umbrella✔🌂

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Busy people on the go your umbrella just got smaller and lighter! The Incredible MINI Umbrella is the world's first pocket sized umbrella! Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around bulky umbrellas and never being able to find them when you NEED them. We don't like ugly bulky things and we know you don't too.

Bulky and heavy umbrellas are just simply outdated and annoying. Use this elegant and handy umbrella for any rainy and busy day. When you get indoors simply fold it up and store it in your bag or pocket. This ONE OF A KIND product will make you longer dread needing an umbrella but allow you to look forward to your new accessory.

The Incredible Mini Umbrella Features:

  • Not available in stores🙌

  • Lightweight at SIX OUNCES

  • Super Accessible: With the Mini Umbrella being SO tiny you can whip out quickly whenever you need it! When you are indoors simply put it away at lightning speed!

  • The World's Smallest Umbrella ✔

  • Extremely Durable! You can store this in any small bag, purse or even your pocket!

  • Available in multiple colors


Nothing is more important than convenience in life and mitigating unnecessary headaches. The awkward days of coming indoors and struggling to pull down the ugly big umbrella are Over.The Portable Mini Umbrella makes those moments LESS STRESSFUL. It is small at 21 in, lightweight and PERFECT for travelers and people on the go. Store this in your pocketbook, backpack, or at work and simply leave it anywhere for those random rainy days. With the weight coming in at 6 oz, this unique gadget will save you the stress of carrying a bulky umbrella as well as optimizing storage space. 🌂





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