New Products for the Week

This week are super excited because as of yesterday on sale we have the Robot Vacuum, the Fruit and Vegetable Slicer, as well as the amazing Automatic Dog Fetcher. We are thrilled to start offering because we know how passionate dog lovers are, moms with children and people that love their fruits!

First off is the Robot Vacuum cleaner. This elite and sensational product will on auto pilot clean hard to get to spots that you forgot even existed. Along with that you do not have to touch a thing. Just sit back on your phone and watch the slender beast of a machine go to work and make your house spotless.

Next up is the Vegetable and Fruit Slicer, this unique device will seamlessly shave off the skin of your favorite dinner addition without removing part you want to eat. This neat device with one touch of a button will have your vegetable or fruit skinned and ready to enjoy. This amazing item is available in multiple colors and is in stock today. 

Lastly is the automatic dog fetcher. This incredible product is a dog lovers dream. With this device simply load the ball into the hole, and watch the ball shoot out. Your dog when then see the ball fly out and go run and get it. To make your furry friend want to come back other hole is designated for food making the dog want to drop the ball in the hole. Relax on the sofa and let your dog have fun!

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