E-Commerce + Social Media

With the rise in the technology.. more and more people are getting involved in E-Commerce. What does this mean for the world as whole? More products, more options, more jobs, more ideas. Due to the rise in social media, E-Commerce businesses can now successfully launch advertising campaigns within a matter of seconds. Social media has its pros and cons, however at this stage of the game it's only going to get bigger. What does this do to the human population?

It allows consumers to order products right from their Instagram feed, their Facebook Feed, or even their pinterest feed. The incredible ease of access has been greater than ever. This also does have some serious cons including, impatience, instant gratification, and as a whole lower self-esteem according to various reports.

Social media creates a fake world for people making it easy to judge yourself against others and gain artificial approval of strangers due to Instagram likes. Unless people are very careful it can be easy to fall into a trap of comparison. With the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg being scrutinized often for having too much information on people, Facebook continues to benefit the world in so many ways and improve the world's economy. What will social media be like in years to come?

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